We had a crack at nuttiness

The brand was registered in the historical “lock-down summer” of 2020 by Beck Food Marketing snc, a company based in beautiful Lugano (Switzerland).

BFM has been handling international sales for a number of organic food and drinks brands since 2009 after a 25-year track record in advising the food industry.

With trade fairs and visits to customers across Europe being off the agenda for months, Dana and Michael Beck used this time to develop a brand of their own, rather than a brand to sell on behalf of others.

It had to be a brand of organic and healthy food, but first and foremost: food to put a smile on your face.

A few months after dreaming up the brand name, the first range of scrumptious organic nut & seed butters was launched and the next years will see a wide range of other yummies with nuts & seeds.CRACK’d is produced in a small family-owned factory in a sunny corner of Bulgaria.

Radostin Rousev manages this business. The company, Rad-Mar Ltd, used to trade in fruits and vegetables but as Rado’s father treasures the family’s nut groves, he moved into cracking nuts and seeds and squeezing the most delicious nut & seed butters out of them. In the five years between starting this and the birth of CRACK’d, Rad-Mar developed into a well-respected and reliable IFS-certified first class supplier


Relish the delights of the CRACK’d range and look out for new ways we will find to squeeze yumminess out of nuts & seeds.