Remember your first love? Well...mine was Peanut Butter!

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Keep cracking with our organic
nut & seed butters


Nothing but peanuts, and when tasting this, “nothing compares to you”, really. Words are not needed, just savour this butter, your palate will be asking for some more.

Allow yourself a break, next time add it to your smoothie, life is not always smooth but is wonderful, isn’t it?


For that little saltier taste we have added a sprinkle of Himalaya salt to our iconic peanut butter. And iconic it remains, just an extra outdoors exploring feeling will tickle you and your friends. Go for it and don’t forget to fill up your water bottle. Happy hiking!


We halt the grinding on this one just in time for some crunchy bits to remain. That makes it perfect for crunchy snack lovers. It is still peanut butter yes, but with a rocky twist. Enjoy!

Our Mission

Get cracking

The brand was registered in the historical “lock-down summer” of 2020 by Beck Food Marketing snc, a company based in beautiful Lugano (Switzerland).

BFM has been handling international sales for a number of organic food and drinks brands since 2009 after a 25-year track record in advising the food industry.

With trade fairs and visits to customers across Europe being off the agenda for months, Dana and Michael Beck used this time to develop a brand of their own, rather than a brand to sell on behalf of others. 

Health Benefit from
Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds were an important energy and nutrient source throughout history. Almonds and pistachio nuts are mentioned as far back as biblical times, and references to other nuts and seeds abound in the literature. Historians hypothesize that ancient societies (about 10,000 years ago) centered on the harvesting of nuts, which may then have fostered agriculture. Predictable growth (nuts grow on trees), long storage life (especially during winter), and generous nutrient profiles are all advantages of nuts to ancient cultures. Interestingly, ancient Romans gave sugared almonds as gifts at weddings, and this custom is still used today. Peanuts, which date back to about 800 B.C., much later joined the Apollo astronauts to the moon in 1969.

Relish the delights of the CRACK’d range and look out for new ways we will find to squeeze yumminess out of nuts & seeds.